3rd and Goal Read Along with the Panthers

Parents, Caretakers, and Educators - 

We must work together to ensure our youngest students become great readers. Early reading skills are critical to future success. It’s a team effort, and I’m excited to let you know that the Carolina Panthers are joining our team!

We’ve made changes in Raleigh to provide more support for classrooms and to spend less time testing. Thanks to our teachers, student scores are improving. We have more work to do, and we want everyone to join in this important mission.

So, today, we are excited to announce a new program with the Carolina Panthers.

The “3rd and Goal” Read Along Program is another way we can engage students in the joy of reading at school and at home. Click here to see Panthers players reading books for students in a format that encourages students to read along with them.

Teachers can use this fun resource in their classrooms, and parents can use it at home. Just 20 minutes of reading at home each day will help students reach the goal of becoming great readers by 3rd grade.

Thank you all for partnering with us to ensure that every student has the opportunity to work hard and reach their American Dream. It all starts with strong reading skills.

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https://www.panthers.com/news/3rd-and-goal Source: NC Superintendent and Carolina Panthers